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Aviation Medical Exam Steps Effective Sept 27, 2022

You should go to and complete the 8500-8 form online prior to your appointment. After you complete and submit the 8500-8 form, click on the blue button labeled "Completed Application". On many/most systems, this will create and display a .PDF file that can be printed or saved to a thumb drive and brought to your visit. You may also email me the .PDF file to We need the confirmation number to access and complete your exam application in the FAA system.  


Please help speed the process by using the following checklist to ensure that you are prepared for the exam and bring the following FAA REQUIRED materials.

  1. Picture I.D.-Driver’s license or Passport
  2. Copy of the completed 8500-8 form noted above with the confirmation number
  3. Eyeglasses, contacts if used
  4. Hearing aids if used
  5. Special Issuance Letter, if applicable, with pertinent medical information required by the Special Issuance
  6. Medical records from personal physician regarding any CACI(Conditions AME Can Issue) such as Asthma, Arthritis, Thyroid, Kidney, Diabetes or Pre-diabetes, Hepatitis(Liver), Glaucoma(Eyes), High Blood Pressure, Cancer of any type(Prostate, Testicles, Kidney, Colon, Bladder, etc.). See FAA CACI Conditions
  7. List of all medications, supplements, vitamins, etc. you are using. Please note the name, dosage, length of time used and the condition requiring the medication.
  8. A copy of S.O.D.A. (Statement Of Demonstrated Ability) if applicable along with any special appliances, splints, etc. that you require while flying
  9. Please wear comfortable and appropriate loose fitting clothing to allow easy examination
  10. You must be fluent in English. No interpreters allowed.
  11. Please arrive hydrated as a urinalysis is required. We don't drug test.

My favorite hobby is aviation. I always look forward to pilot visits. My goal along with the FAA is to work to get you certified to fly safely. Please don't hesitate to contact me as I always enjoy talking to pilots regardless of whether I do their FAA Medicals or not.


Andrew Sambell MD AME 

5070 S Collins St # 208

Arlington, TX 76018

At Arlington Municipal Airport KGKY

214 693 6075


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